I Exited A Toxic Relationship What Do I Do Next?


After exiting a toxic relationship one may feel empty, depressed, resentful and regretful. However, if we objectively analyze the situation we can heal and move forward stronger and wiser.

Objectively Analyze What Happened

Take an honest look at yourself. Did you contribute to any of the toxicity in the relationship? If so admit to yourself what you did.

After analyzing the relationship you should gain the following insights.

Red flags – A relationship that had a healthy start doesn’t usually get toxic overnight. There are events leading up to breakdown, which are early warnings of what is to come. Once you learn to recognize these warnings this can help you with future relationships. Red flags help us to see where things are headed and based on that we can decide if we want to stay or jump ship. If you decide to stay and things turn out badly, you’ll be better able to handle the situation because you’ve been in something similar and you saw it coming.

However be warned that there might be exceptions. People are different and someone might set off red flags but go in a completely different direction than what you expect.

What To Avoid – You will be able to identify the type of people to avoid getting into relationships with.

Your Mistakes – You will be better able to understand your mistakes and make better choices in the future.

Total Forgiveness

Forgiveness is personal and should not be forced but the longer resentment is kept in the heart the more toxic it becomes. Forgiveness makes it easier to objectively analyze what happened. Total forgiveness is forgiving yourself and the other person. Forgive yourself for any wrong choices you might have made or any negative contributions you might have made to the relationship. Forgive the other person and be thankful you’ve survived to move on to bigger and better.

Moving Forward

In moving forward you should be stronger and wiser.

Occasionally spending time in solitude will help you to love your own company. When we are comfortable with ourselves it is more difficult for us to be trapped in an abusive relationship.


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