Impossible Is Not Natural To Me

For years now the words ‘impossible’ and ‘can’t’ have been rare components of my speech. I did not make a conscious decision to stop using them. It happened naturally as I reconnected with my childlike mind.

As a child I thought nothing was impossible, the word and concept were unknown to me. As a child I intuitively understood the infinite abundance and possibilities of the universe.

Somewhere between childhood and my teenage years my thinking became less fluid and more logical. Nothing is wrong with logic but not all things can be understood logically; some things require intuitive understanding. I am grateful that after having gone through so many psychological phases I have rediscovered my childlike mind. In this mind anything is possible.

I am not bothered when people tell me that something is impossible or that I can’t do something. Their minds and thoughts have nothing to do with me.

Instead of saying I can’t, I say something is difficult or I won’t. Instead of saying something is impossible I say it is unlikely or very difficult.

These small changes to vocabulary are very important as it influences every aspect of our lives. The words we use daily program our subconscious and can negatively or positively affect our ability to manifest and attract. Limited words limit your perspective, a limited perspective limits your opportunities and manifesting power.


    • Jaja Wallace

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