Channel Your Sexual Energy Into Constructive Activity


Sexual Energy is generated in our sex organs and is often felt as arousal. It is one of the most powerful energies in the universe. When exchanged with the right person or cultivated with Spiritual practice it makes us mentally and physically stronger. We may also channel it into constructive activities.

To channel your energy into something means using the energy you are feeling to do that activity. Anger, sadness, pain, pleasure, sexual energy and anything you feel may be channeled into constructive activity. Poets and artists channel their sadness, anger and happiness into works of art. Athletes sometimes channel their anger into training. Channeling your arousal into constructive activity is a viable option. If you have a craft then that is the perfect avenue for it.

What Is Constructive Activity?

Basically any activity that you will feel good about after you’ve done it. Sometimes people turn to porn or have casual sex when they get aroused and feel bad afterward because they realise that they have wasted away part of themselves.

Don’t use your sexual energies on activities that make you feel ashamed or guilty. Take the first step by doing a wholesome activity. A moment of pleasure with porn is not worth the anger, shame and guilt that comes afterward.


    • Jaja Wallace
    • Jaja Wallace

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