Applying Knowledge And Manifesting Desires

Every year the self help industry generates billions through books, videos and seminars teaching people how to manifest their desires. Regardless of the buzz around self help many of its avid subscribers still struggle to attract and achieve their desires.

Swindling by con-artists and failure to apply useful information contribute to this situation.

Many people reach out to me for advice after having read and watched an amazing number of self help books and tutorials. In many cases solutions to the very problems they ask about are in the very books that they have read. A clear case of leading the horse to the water but being unable to force him to drink. A video showing life coach Corey Wayne reading and replying to letters clearly illustrated this. One man said he read Wayne’s book but couldn’t find a solution to his problem and ironically Wayne answered him with solutions that the man had overlooked in the book.

People love to consume information but don’t apply it. Consistently consuming information will not bring tangible change to your life. For change to happen we must apply knowledge in the real world.

Getting The Most From Books, Videos and Articles

Identify Your Needs

To get the most from knowledge you need to first clearly identify what you need help with. After that seek relevant information.

Don’t Get Distracted

The digital age makes it easy to get distracted by inter-related topics. In the vast arena of the world wide web, one topic spawns a link to another and before you realize your focus is far from your objective. Clearly identify what you need and focus on those topics specifically related to your situation. Whenever you find yourself straying return to your agenda.

No Monopoly

Never let someone monopolize the knowledge you consume. Get the perspective of different teachers while preserving your own perspective. Use your discernment to find what is best for you. You may even combine different teachings and come up with something new.

One At A Time

I have found that it is more effective to apply knowledge when I read one self-help book at a time than to juggle several books at once.

Re Read, Re Watch, Listen Again

When we read or watch something we don’t fully understand, the brain processes the information when we take a break from it. Rereading after this break usually reveals useful information that was not evident on the first reading. However the brain had been steadily processing this data thus rendering the material much easier to read and apply the second time around.

After You’ve Finished

After you’ve finished reading the book think about the changes it has made in your life. Think about the things you have stopped doing and the activities you’ve taken up. If you can’t find at least one important change and there is truly nothing to apply then it is not a real self help book.

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