The Loyal Royal Life

The success of a monarch, who does not resort to tyranny, relies heavily on the loyalty of his or her subjects. In our own lives, being loyal creates ascendency, thus making us kings and queens. Conversely the king or queen has to be loyal to the obligation to regally lead. Thus both subject and monarch at different levels are participants in the loyal royal life. Success, happiness and freedom within our individual realms, revolve around the ability to be loyal.

Be Loyal To Your craft

Keys: Daily practice, study, learning from the experts.

Be loyal to your craft by practicing every day. Practice by itself won’t make perfect. In fact it may even make things worse. Practicing the wrong way reinforces bad habits. In some cases it is necessary to train under the wing of a more experienced professional in your field or read books by people successful in your craft.

Be Loyal To Friends and Family

Be loyal to your friends by putting your opinions aside and listening to them. By listening without adding your opinion you can really understand them.

Text them less often and opt for more real life conversations with them. Face to face interactions keep things real. If you can’t meet up do less texting and more talking on the phone. Exercise your throat chakra.

Always remember important dates, be the first one to mention their birthdays and anniversaries. You don’t have to give them gifts if you can’t afford them, just let them know you remember and care. If you can’t celebrate with them in person call them and wish them well.

The influx of apps on the market dedicated to reminding you of important dates makes it unnecessary to memorize the important days of all your friends.

Be Loyal To The Truth Or Your Truth

Some say the truth is independent of perception meaning there is no such thing as my truth, his truth or her truth. Others say the truth is personal. This has been debated in philosophical Spiritual circles and the debate won’t end anytime soon. Whether you believe in “A truth” or “The Truth” be loyal to it.

Be Loyal To Your Health

Be loyal to your health by eating right and maintaining a Spiritual Practice. Maintaining at least one Spiritual practice will help you in all areas of your life. This could be yoga, meditation, chanting or any activity that gives you wholesomeness. Once you find that activity stick to it and never let go.

Be Loyal To Your Soul

Being loyal to your soul means living your core beliefs and staying true to your morals. Being loyal to yourself and being loyal to your soul are not exactly the same. Being loyal to yourself is more about putting yourself first to serve your own interest. Being loyal to your soul is more about serving humanity. In serving humanity you will sometimes have to put yourself first and sometimes have to put others first.

A Few Ways To Serve Your Soul

These things don’t have to be done every day to have a positive effect.

Helping others without expecting anything in return.
Listening to others without judging them.
Spending time in nature.
Forgiving others.
Forgiving yourself.

Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

Think about where your loyalties lie. Ask yourself if you are being loyal to the right things.


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