Activities To Tame Anger And What To Do When It Can’t Be Tamed


Anger expressed in an assertive non destructive manner creates stimulating conversations which can lead to positive change. When expressed in a civil manner anger can be released with a sense of satisfaction. When anger takes over it is toxic and self destructive. Before expressing anger in an assertive intelligent manner it is necessary to calm down.

Tame Anger With Spiritual Activities

  1. Close your eyes and take 47 deep breaths.
  2. Do A Spiritual Practice (Stretching, meditation, yoga, exercise, long deep breathing, belly breathing.)
  3. Express it creatively though art, music and writing.
  4. Smile. Sometimes people smile because they are happy but sometimes people are happy because they smile. According to science emotions can be altered by facial muscle activity. Even a fake smile has a positive effect.
  5. Find humor in the situation. Find humor in the situation by thinking about something funny.
  6. Close your eyes and visualize a peaceful setting. Visualize yourself somewhere serene like the beach.


When Anger Is Too Strong To Tame and You Can’t Be Moved To Do Spiritual Practice

Anger might arise in situations where it is not convenient to do Spiritual practice. Anger is sometimes too strong and you can’t be moved to tame it with positive activities. In these cases just be mindful of what you’re feeling. Just surrender to the moment and be silent with the anger as you explore it mindfully. Realize that this is a part of you that is screaming out for your attention and needs love. So give it the love and empathy it needs by just surrendering and being mindful without judgments.


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