Meditation Goes Beyond The Superficial Surface


Meditation can slowly change people without their realizing it. When people look back at their lives prior to taking up meditation practice they fully realize how different they were. The change is always for the better. If you’ve been meditating consistently for more than a year do some retrospection on how it has changed your life. Write down these changes and feel good about how you’ve grown. A common change is becoming less superficial.

A few ways in which meditation has made me less superficial are:

The more I meditate the more I appreciate simple things.
The more I meditate the more I find magic in common daily experiences.
The more I meditate the less I need to be happy.
The more I meditate the stronger I get. The stronger I get the less I need externally.
The more I meditate the more my mind expands. As my mind expands I require less externally.
The more I meditate the more secure I am within my skin.

Not only do I need less externally but I don’t feel the need to carry things around. Daily meditation keeps me aligned with the universe and allows me to tap into what I need at any given time. A highly Spiritual moment doesn’t have to be astronomical. Mindfully doing common daily tasks can be highly Spiritual. In traditions like Buddhism emphasis is placed on being mindful and finding the beauty in daily activities like washing dishes or brushing your teeth. When you are mindful of every moment you want less and the less you want the less superficial you are.


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