A Meditation For Experiencing Your Feelings Without Complications


Experiencing your feelings without analyzing them or attaching stories to them allows you to have a direct connection with your body.

When you experience your feelings you can make peace with them and let go of any tension.

Don’t Over Complicate Things

We can have feelings about thoughts, feelings about emotions and feelings about feelings. It sounds complicated but does not have to be.

But Doesn’t Analyzing Our Feelings Provide Better Self-Understanding?

Yes, however to analyze everything you feel is stressful and time consuming. Sometimes our bodies need us to relax and surrender without stories, judgment and analysis. Sometimes the body needs us to just be without complexities.

A Meditation For Experiencing Your Feelings Without Complications

In this meditation analysis and judgment are put aside, the objective is to experience your feelings in real-time and make peace with them.

Find a quiet place.

Close your eyes and disappear within your internal world.

Observe your breath. Don’t do a specific breathing exercise, your body knows how to breathe for you.

Let go of any need to analyze or control your feelings and surrender to your body.

Focus on the sensations and pulsations within.

Place your hands on your chest, feel your heartbeat.

Put your attention in different parts of your body and mentally explore those areas.

While exploring your body make peace with whatever you encounter.

After a while tensions and negative emotions will evaporate.


Practice When You Need To

I do this meditation whenever I feel like I have a lot of built up energy and stress to release.


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