Words Program Your Subconscious. Be Mindful Of Your Speech


Sometimes we unknowingly hold ourselves back with the words we use in everyday conversation. It is therefore important to take special care with the words we use to describe ourselves and experiences. Phrases like “I have to meet a deadline.” has negative undertones. “I have to finish by a particular time.” is much more positive.

I avoid using negative phrases to describe myself or my situation. The language I use to describe myself and situations must be realistic but optimistic.

But Isn’t Being Positive All The Time Denying Reality?

Not in this case. This is using positive language to address negative situations. Reality whether positive or negative will not be ignored. There is a difference between denying negative issues that need to be addressed and addressing those issues in a positive light. I choose to use positive language when speaking about negative situations. I don’t deny the severity of things but I approach them with an optimistic solution oriented mindset.

But Isn’t Flipping The Meaning Of Words A Type Of Mental Alchemy?

Yes it is. In Hip Hop ill and sick are used to describe high quality lyricism. However intentionally flipping words through mental alchemy done in the context of art and literature is different from unconsciously saying something negative that will program your subconscious later on. The artist or poet is consciously changing words with mental alchemy and uses them as tools to convey messages.

But Isn’t The Intention Behind The Words All That Matters?

Yes. The intention behind the words is very important. However if words can be made more positive and lucid why not do so?

I prefer saying positive words with good intentions than saying negative words with good intentions.

Things I Avoid Saying

I try not to use the following words or phrases

My Problem

It is not my problem because I don’t own it. Instead I say I’m currently experiencing a problem. Like most things the problem is not permanent; it is a temporary experience.


I’ve replaced deadline with target date.

My Illness, I Have A Cold, I Have…

If I’m not feeling well I don’t say I have a cold. There is no ownership, just an experience. Instead I say: “I’m experiencing an illness.”

I Am Sad, I Am Sick, I Am Unhappy….

I am mindful of what I say immediately after the words ‘I am’. The words ‘I am’ represent pure existence and are seen as two of the most important words in many cultures. Instead of saying I am sad or sick I say “I’m feeling sad right now.” Feelings and emotions don’t last forever. I wouldn’t link the powerful words ‘I am’ to these negative emotions in defining myself.

Be Mindful Of What You Affirm

As I grow and increase my vocabulary my speech evolves. Words hurt, words heal. The words we speak and the words we read and listen to each day program our subconscious minds, either positively or negatively. Be mindful of what you affirm.


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