Open Up To The Present Moment With Meditation

Opening up to the present is just as important as making plans for the future. Meditation is opening up to the present moment. Consistent practice of meditation and opening up to the moment extends beyond the meditation session. Daily activities will become a form of meditation as one becomes more mindful while doing them.

Mindfulness meditation is being still and aware of the present without judgment or analysis. Opening up to the present increases concentration and efficiency in the performance of tasks. Awareness enhances appreciation and enables optimum use of present circumstances, thus curtailing wanting and wishing.

Although some monastic communities give monks ethical training before they start meditation it is not absolutely necessary especially if you begin with natural positions.

Natural Positions

Natural positions are part of our normal daily activities such as standing, sitting and lying flat on the back. More challenging positions include full lotus which involves the crossing of one leg on top of the other; and sizea which involves kneeling. However kneeling and cross legged postures are natural to some people in eastern cultures as sitting in these positions are part of their daily routine.

Complex positions may also cause injury if done incorrectly. Natural positions make it easier to be consistent with meditation.


Begin by choosing a natural position.

Lying on back.

If sitting, sit on the edge of a chair with back straight, bare feet flat on the floor and hands in the lap. If standing keep a straight posture.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Don’t focus on breathing in a particular way. Your body knows how to breathe for you.

Sit in your chosen position and let yourself breathe. Whenever you find your mind straying, gently return to the present. Be aware of what is happening in the moment. Allow the smells and sounds to come and go without analyzing or judging them.

Allow everything to come and go, forget about the why, who, what, when, where, how and just be.

Keep Practicing

Keep practicing meditation in this natural way twice a day for 10-30 minutes. After a few months of this practice you may go on to something more esoteric if you choose to do so. If you wish to continue meditating this way then keep practicing. All consistent practitioners eventually reach the same place regardless of the type of meditation they specialize in.


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