I Am Ritual

I love Spiritual practices because once memorized they are always accessible. These practices reduce the need for medication in dealing with stress and fears.

Here is a useful I am ritual.

The words I am represents pure existence and are seen as the most important phrase in many cultures throughout history. We shall create four sets of I am affirmations. Each set will contain a master number.

The numerological meanings for all the numbers in this article are referenced from the book, Numerology The Complete Guide by Matthew Oliver Goodwin.

Set 1 contains one affirmation. According to numerology 1 represents independence.

Set 2 contains five affirmations. According to numerology 5 represents constructive freedom.

Set 3 contains six affirmations. According to numerology 6 represents balance, responsibility and love.

Set 4 contains eight affirmations. According to numerology 8 represents material satisfaction.

The Affirmations

Set 1 ( 1: Independence )

I am self reliant.

Set 2 (5 : Constructive Freedom)

I am an abundance of talents.
I am able to do anything I put my mind to.
I am constructive freedom.
I am always ready.
I am unlimited creative energy.

Set 3 (6 : Balance, Love, Responsibility)

I am love.
I am loved.
I am unconditionally loved by the universe.
I am balanced.
I am harmonized atoms.
I am consistent in my work and I have fun in moderation.

Set 4 (8 : Material Satisfaction)

I am attracting everything I need.
I am an abundance of riches.
I am healthy.
I am wealthy.
I am successful.
I am too successful to be stressful.
I am a money magnet, money flows into my life with ease. I do as I please.
I am happy with all I have. I love myself even while working to get better.


Putting It All together

Print image.

Facing north recite set one.

Facing east recite set two.

Facing south recite set three.

Facing west recite set four.

Enjoy this ritual and incorporate it into esoteric routine.


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