How A Social Media Hiatus Is Helping And A Few Solutions For Healthy Use

I have been off social media for a month and I will continue to stay off until I organize myself and finish my book.

Unlike most people who quit social media because they allowed it to ruin their lives, that is not the case for me. Someone has to allow social media to ruin his/her life. Thankfully I learnt that with discipline it may be productively used in moderation without harmful effects.

People usually quit social media because they experience certain problems. Thankfully I have not encountered any of these problems .

The undermining of social and communication skills is a major problem which develops with the over use of social media. Users often become addicted resulting in their becoming less sociable as they prefer communicating  on social media over face to face communication. Eventually vital communication skills are undermined. Tonality, body language, eye contact are all important but you don’t need any of these with social media.

Solution: Use it less, go out and talk to more people.

Another negative effect of excessive use of social media networks is the generation of envy. Some persons get envious when other people post pictures of their fabulous lives, not realizing that these images are carefully selected to give the impression that the people who post them live in a perfect world. Most are just putting on a show, very far from the reality that they are living .

Solution: Don’t get bitter, get better. Don’t compare yourself to the carefully selected and photo shopped images you see online. Focus on your own progress and get out of the competitive mind state. Don’t follow people who only promote vanity. Spend less time browsing and more time studying and improving yourself.

Moreover, the use of social media for hours each day impedes the achievement of goals in the physical world. Much of this valuable time could be used for working on goals! After days, months and years those hours add up and there is nothing to show for it. How rewarding it would have been had all this  time been spent in perfecting a skill. Perhaps even an income generating craft?

Solution: Use it in moderation and spend the majority of your time perfecting your craft.

The Most Popular Today, Forgotten Tomorrow

People have short attention spans so don’t let a little internet fame get to your head. You can be the most popular thing today and a nobody tomorrow. If you can’t turn the fame, views, likes and retweets into loyal customers for your brand/business or turn it into money then it has no real value.   If you’re an activist with no care for money and whose primary aim is to deepen awareness about an important issue  then over use of social media might be rewarding. However, many people on reflection, may feel worthless after years of spending countless hours on social media with no tangible or spiritual gain.

Be sure to start using social media in moderation or regret it years later when you look back.

I don’t believe in cutting it off completely. Some things in life only become toxic when we fail to use them in moderation. Social media and entertainment are prime examples.

I remember when I would tweet and retweet hundreds of times a day but after a while I learnt that less is more and started using social media in moderation. But although I use it in moderation I still need a break.

Book Coming Soon

I am excited about the book that I am working on. Now that my mind is clear from the barrage of online opinions I can explore my original thoughts and create content for this book aimed at helping people manifest whatever they want. The book will be designed so that every reader has a unique experience when reading it and will contain activities to apply in real life and achieve results.

So until I return I’ll still be posting articles on kindfeelings. Remember to subscribe and get articles straight to your inbox.

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