The Survival Guide For Living With A Difficult Family Part 2

Sometimes our beloved family members can drain us emotionally and prevent us from achieving our goals. Thankfully, with a positive attitude, strategic planning and discipline you can not only survive around them but gain financial independence and move out to your own place.

If you haven’t read Survival Guide For Living With A Difficult Family Part 1 do so before continuing.

Your Friends

It is necessary to choose friends that understand your situation when you live with a difficult family. We have no control over our family but we control who our friends are.

Be friends with people who support your dreams and help to keep you on track. You in turn must support those friends. Real friendship is a give and take situation. Mutual support elevates both parties. When one person is always down and the other is always supportive it’s less of a friendship and more of a healer/victim relationship.

If you cannot find anyone positive, ambitious and productive then be by yourself. Your energy is better spent on your own progress than healing negative people. One who cannot afford his own home and has to live with a difficult family is in no position to heal. There are already an abundance of healers in the world equipped for that. Focus on financial independence.

You won’t reach anywhere if you fall into the trap of tending to negative, unambitious, time wasting friends.

Positive Affirmations

Use positive affirmations to shape your destiny. Write your best positive affirmations in your diary and say them daily. Try starting your affirmations with I am instead of I will. Example:

I am rich instead of I will be rich.
I am healthy instead of I will be healthy.
Once you fully accept that you are rich in internal resources, material wealth will easily flow into your life.

Visualize It

Get a vision board to assist you in visualizing where you want to live in 3 years or whenever you are able to move out. A vision board is a ray of hope that keeps you going. Your most dominant thoughts are what you attract. So keep a vision board of images you want to dominate your mind.

A vision board is a board with a collection of images that you want to manifest. On a vision board you put images of places you want to visit, the type of homes you want to live in and anything else you want. The images on the board represent your deepest desires. A vision board is a powerful reminder of exactly what you desire. It helps you stay focused on that particular goal and whenever you find yourself distracted you can look at it and get back to what is important.

It’s meant to be looked at daily.

Making A Vision Board

A vision board is usually made from images in magazines but you can print images you find online. You can also cut out or print quotes.

You may have more than one board, organized by topic. Example: a board with images about yoga, a board with images of places you wish to visit.

A vision board should be light weight.

When you collect the images you desire paste or tack them to the board.

At the center of the board place an image of yourself with a big bright smile.

Be clear about your desires and be mindful of the images you choose for your vision boards. Positive visualization can take you anywhere.

A vision board for someone living with difficult family could include:

Images of the types of homes you desire to live in.
Images of exotic foods.
Images that represent being successful in your profession.
Images of wealth and prosperity.
An image of yourself in the center with a big smile.

Keep Tidy

Keep your own space within the house neat and clean. Don’t allow chaos to infect your space.

Go Out

Unless you live in a dangerous neighborhood do as many activities outdoors as possible. Do yoga, paint, write or anything else you can do outdoors. Going out often also helps you avoid the drama and increases your chances of meeting new and beautiful people.

Occasionally travel out with friends or by yourself and experience other cultures. Travel to the places you envision yourself living in, the places on your vision board.

Create Your Plan Now

Living with a difficult family is not the end of the world. Stay focused and strategically plan and you’ll eventually have your own home. It could take 3 – 5 years if you start working on it now.

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