The Dangers Of Being Too Dependent On Motivation

Motivation is useful for getting us through the day but becoming too dependent on it is time and money consuming. Goals are more difficult to achieve when we need someone motivating us every step of the way. To be successful at something you have to work at it even when you have low motivation. You need to get up every day and do what needs to be done regardless of how you feel.

Learn to see the beautiful value in the action itself and you will not need motivation to do the action.

Anything can turn into an unhealthy obsession even positive motivation. The time spent seeking motivation to do a particular task could be spent on the task itself.

The internet is saturated with motivational quotes and speeches of people saying the same thing differently. After a while the novelty of this motivation expires. When this happens you’ll spend more time searching for that right quote, video or whatever you need to activate your energy. When that quote gets stale you start searching for another.

If you are not careful you’ll reach a point where without extrinsic motivation you can’t do anything except the bare essentials.

Find Your Why

The best motivation is the one you create. Whether it’s motivation to maintain a diet, be consistent in yoga or turning up to work on time, you can create that motivation yourself. Simply list your reasons for doing these things. Having a vague idea of why you do things is not good enough. Clearly defining your “why” sets a solid foundation. When you know why and you’re happy with it nobody can take that from you.

Whenever you have no motivation think about your why.

Discipline Is Greater Than Motivation

Motivation takes you to the end of the road. Discipline takes you beyond the stars.

Discipline is the key to consistency. If you only do things when you’re motivated achieving your dreams will take longer. Discipline is not meant to be easy. Discipline means doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it.

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