Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself

Many people know what to do to achieve their goals but struggle to do it. It is not the lack of money, time or connections that is holding them back but a lack of motivation.

Motivation is all around us. All it takes is a little optimism to utilize it. The negatives and positives can serve as a source of motivation.

The Negatives –

Negative people, environments and situations can make us stronger or break us depending on our perspective. I use the negatives as motivation.

Learn From Those Who Failed

Let the failures and mistakes of others motivate you to go in the right direction. When you learn from the mistakes of others you don’t need to make them yourself. If the people around you are negative and cannot help you elevate simply use them as examples of what not to do. Go in the opposite direction from them.


“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”
― Otto von Bismarck

See Things From The Perspective Of Someone In A Worse Situation

The man driving a new car is envied by the man driving an old car.
The man driving an old car is envied by the man riding a bicycle.
The man riding the bicycle is envied by the man walking.
The man walking is envied by the man in the wheelchair.

Look at someone in a worse situation than you who is struggling but is still grateful.
Look at someone in a worse situation than you who is still doing what you complain about doing.
Look at someone who is where you want to be but came out of a worse situation than you.

Be mindful when doing this exercise as it is often abused. Just because someone is worse off than you does not mean your problem is not serious. The objective is to see how individuals in much worse circumstances are still pushing forward. If it is possible for them it is possible for you.

Reflect On The Negative Consequences

Reflect on the negative consequences of procrastination and instant gratification. Reflect on the negative consequences of inaction. Reflect on the negative consequences that will follow if you do things you know you’re not supposed to be doing.

The Positives +

Positive Pictures

Keep positive images around you. Keep positive images of where you want to be, the things you want to attract and the things you wish to create. If you’re unhappy where you live surround yourself with images of your ideal house. Keep the pictures on your desk, frame them on your wall. Use them as your phone and desktop wallpaper. See yourself living there and work towards it. Eventually it will materialize.

Positive Quotes

Surround yourself with positive quotes. Frame them and hang them in your house, put them in your car. Keep them on your desk and if possible buy a book of quotes with topics relevant to your journey. Read them daily. Read quotes from people whom you respect and people who have already achieved the specific goals that you are aiming for. There are infinite quotes on various topics. Write the ones that resonate with you most in your diary and live them.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations might not motivate you on the spot like a quote but they work in the long run by programming your mind to help you develop the habits and work ethic that enable you to manifest your desires. Say them daily and in two to three months time they’ll start influencing your behavior for the better.


There might be times when you have absolutely no motivation to do important tasks. All the quotes, comparisons and motivational speeches won’t work. This is where discipline comes in. Discipline is doing something that needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it. If it is easy, it is not discipline. Motivation is useful but becoming too dependent on it is dangerous.


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