Major Keys For Cultivating Sexual Energy Part 2



The following qualities create a perpetual cycle of sexual energy within you.

Honest Life

An open honest life is a major key in sexual energy cultivation and protection. A dishonest life causes internal conflict and disharmony of sexual energy.

In the east, monks are taught ethics before they start meditation. Practices like yoga and meditation are coupled with religious or spiritual philosophies. It is not necessary to be a Hindu, Buddhist, or Taoist to get the most from spiritual practices. Living an open honest life is enough.
Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.
Be honest in all your dealings.
Do not do anything with hidden malicious intention.

Self Knowledge: Your Uniqueness

A very important and often ignored aspect of sexual energy cultivation and protection is self knowledge. It is our responsibility to learn as much as possible about ourselves.

With self knowledge you can discover your unique weaknesses, unique strengths and see how they affect your sexual energy. Use your self knowledge to know the types of people, food and places you should avoid and the ones you should gravitate towards. What makes you stronger can make other people weak and vice versa.

Starting Your Self Knowledge Journey:

Record your dreams in a dream diary. Research their meanings and see how they relate to your life. The more you do this the deeper your understanding of self becomes.

Spend time in solitude.

Meditate daily.

Reflect on your past and learn the lessons. Your past is your private school.

Experience life. Don’t just read about things, go out and experience as much of them as you can.

Envy & Resentment

Being aware of the destructive nature of envy and resentment is a major key.

Envy is a highly toxic emotion which people often confuse with jealousy. Harbor no envy in your heart. Instead focus your energies on bettering yourself. Envy turns sexual energy toxic.

Resentment is corrosive. People carry this toxic emotion around with them for years. Resentment prevents you from focusing on your goals and self mastery. It decreases your overall health. The longer you harbor this in your heart the more you deteriorate. Direct your attention on the things you can change in your life.

If you’re struggling with these emotions reflect on the negative consequences of harboring them and think about the positive effects of letting go and focusing on something constructive.

Cultivate Love For All Creation

Have compassion for all creatures and lifeforms. All high ranking Taoists and Monks recognize the preciousness of life and the connection between all things which is why they do not eat meat. Some even evolve further to consuming subtle energies in the atmosphere and stop eating conventional foods.

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