Fun Activities To Release Stress And Build Your Spiritual Protection

Wholesome activities to release stress.


  • Creative
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Self Love
  • Kindness
  • Organize and Declutter
  • Have Fun


Channel your pain and stress into creative activities. Express your uniqueness through the creative outlet of your choice.

Play a musical instrument.

Spiritual Practice

Use Spiritual practice to rid yourself of unwanted energies. Use it to activate your own energy and strengthen your aura.


Slow deep breathing.
Belly breathing.

Standing meditation.
Walking Meditation.
Body Scan Meditation.
Lying on your back meditation.
Sitting on a chair meditation.

Ride a bicycle.


Self Love

The relationship you have with yourself determines the type of relationships you have with others. Give yourself some love.

Take a walk with a friend.
Eat a healthy meal.

Smile in the mirror.
Smile at someone else.
Simile internally.

Look at the mirror and say “I love you.”
Tell someone I love you.
Tell a tree I love you.
Tell an animal I love you.

Hug somebody.
Hug an animal.
Hug a tree.
Hug yourself.

Massage someone.
Massage yourself.
Get massaged.

Talk to yourself.
Talk to a loved one.
Talk to the plants and animals.

Get some sunlight.
Get some moonlight.
Watch the stars.

Wash your hair.
Take a hot foot bath.

Forgive yourself.
Forgive someone who hurt you.
Apologize to someone you wronged.

Write in your diary.
Write your dreams.
Make a list of people, places and things you’re grateful for.


Giving back feels good. Being kind to others without expecting anything in return means that your heart is overflowing with love and you have more than enough to spread around.

Donate to a cause you believe in.
Teach somebody something new.
Bathe your dog.
Try to judge less and understand more.
Try to see another perspective than your own.
Focus on the good qualities in people.

Organize and De-clutter

Preparedness makes its own good luck. When you are organized things work out in your favor. Be patient and take the time to do things properly.

Set Goals
Write In Your Diary
Clean your house.
Clean your yard.
Delete unnecessary numbers from your phone.
Delete unnecessary emails and texts.
Take out the garbage.

Have Fun

Fun is important, let yourself go. While you’re having fun the brain is processing complex information that you absorbed so when you return to work it’s easier. So have fun and let the brain work.

Go for a drive.
Go to a concert.
Go to a play.
Go to the beach
Watch a stand up comedian.
Listen to music.


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