Foundations Of Spiritual Protection

All cultures offer a variety of rituals and objects for Spiritual protection. Christians use the cross to ward off demons. In the Middle East and North Africa they use the hamsa as protection from the evil eye which is said to be a curse caused by a malevolent glare. Various Spiritual communities use crystals for protection and other purposes.

People often use these objects of protection as a superficial blanket to cover their insecurities and fears.

External objects cannot provide you with anything you do not already have within you. We came into this world with everything we need. We are not learning but relearning. Spiritual protection starts within and it does not cost a thing.

Each atom within you is an infinite universe and consciousness is the technology that programs the atoms. All it takes is looking within yourself to know that external Spiritual protection is not necessary.

In the past I felt unguarded without my ankh. Now all I need is the power within. Now I only wear the ankh for artistic beauty and what it represents. I see occult symbols as training wheels to be used until you are strong enough to do without them.


Nobility protects you.
Nobility is a safe path.
Nobility cannot be taken away like an object.
I would rather be noble than put my faith in an occult object.

Don’t Get Exploited For Money

An entire market is built off the exploitation of people’s Spiritual fears. Every day people all over the world buy crosses, ankhs, hamsas, sage, crystals and other objects for protection. The fear of psychic attacks, negative entities and demons drive people to search outside of themselves for protection. In some cases these attacks are real but in most cases that I have seen people defeat themselves through bad habits and internal conflicts. Getting an object for protection is just a superficial covering unless you remove the qualities that create negativity in your life. The object itself does not remove the problem. The individual will buy more and more stuff for protection to escape the root problem which will not be solved unless uprooted.

If only people put the same trust in themselves as they put in these objects they would be unstoppable. If they questioned themselves to see what they could change to stop the problem nobody could manipulate them.

I Love Them, But I Don’t Need Them

The ankh is a beautiful majestic symbol. I love crystals, crosses, pentagrams, yin-yan symbol, Maneki Neko, flower of life, and thousands of other symbols. I love all these symbols but I don’t need them. I am not unprotected without them because my aura covers me fully.

The greatest thing is loving something but having the freedom to leave it at anytime knowing you’ll be fine.

Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim your power and protect yourself with positive actions. Protecting yourself with positive actions is more effective than protecting yourself with objects or forced positive thoughts. When your actions are positive everything else will follow and your thoughts will enter a new stream of positivity. When you are doing what you are supposed to do it keeps you out of trouble and in alignment with your highest purpose. You are where you need to be. Doing things that go against your morals takes you out of alignment with your purpose and attracts all the things you don’t need.

Your aura, morals, integrity and attention control are important foundational tools when it comes to Spiritual protection.

Morals And Integrity

We have different notions of right and wrong. When you decide what your morals are, don’t compromise them. Going against your morals creates internal conflict and puts holes in your aura.

Control Your Attention

We have control over everything we view online and most of what we see offline. Don’t keep looking at things that can’t help to elevate you.

This world has a lot of suffering and I do not believe in turning a blind eye to it. I stay informed of suffering in the world but I don’t excessively seek it. Attention control online and offline is essential for Spiritual protection.

Constructive Activity

Constructive activity protects you from negativity. When you’re happily lost in positive constrictive activity you are spiritually protected.

Protect Yourself

The greatest Spiritual protection comes through your actions. Take your time and shift from objects and symbols to the power within.

An Aura Strengthening Meditation

Close your eyes and go under the warm sun.

Lie on your back on a towel or the grass.

Visualize a golden aura covering you from head to toe. The sunflower golden aura keeps you safe. Germs and negative energy bounce right off. The golden aura glows with love and light.

Feel the sun’s energy massaging your skin as it charges your golden aura.

Keep charging your aura until you have received enough energy.

Open your eyes. You are wide awake and ready for the world.

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