Off The Grid

In this digital age many people can’t navigate without technology. Taking away their phones is like removing their body parts. The attachment is deep. I used to be attached to my phone and computer but now I only use them for learning, business and constructive communication. Whenever I turn on the machine I know exactly why. Gone are the days when I would just surf the web to kill boredom.

Real Life Skills

It is important that every man and woman learn real life skills.

If facebook, twitter and youtube were shut down many people would be lost and jobless.

Nothing is wrong with having an online profession but it is always good to have at least one skill that is not dependent on technology. Personally I do farming.


Many people have developed bad postures because of continually bending their necks to look at their phones. This problem is so bad that it has been named “Text neck syndrome.”

A healthy properly aligned spine and good posture improve circulation. In yoga major emphasis is placed on the spine. Excess hunching over contributes to the deterioration of overall health.

If society fails to use technology in moderation there will be many more overstimulated people with poor posture, poor eye sight and short attention spans. These problems are already at an all time high.


Check yourself to see that you are using technology in moderation. If not, make the necessary adjustments. Only those who use technology in moderation will achieve wholeness.

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