Shake It Off And Keep Moving

I might reply to harsh criticism but I ignore insults, especially insults from strangers. If my first encounter with someone is an insult, I might not be inclined to talk to him again.

When persons you know insult you, you will want to know why. However if a stranger or someone you barely know insults you it is best to keep moving.

Nothing To Prove To Strangers

When your aura brightly radiates love you will attract both negative and positive reactions from people. Verbal attacks from strangers can happen anytime. Do not return any insults as this will result in an energy draining quarrel. Ignoring will kill any potential conflict and force the detractor to argue by himself.

It’s Not Personal

People have a way of internalizing and personalizing negative remarks from strangers.  Low self esteem may lead them to wonder if a stranger’s insults reflect the deep hidden feelings of their loved ones.

Let Go With Cathartic Activities

Cathartic activities help to quickly purge the stench of negative remarks.


Look in the mirror and smile for a while. Just stand there and stare at yourself smiling.  Smiling has a positive effect even if you do it when you are not happy. We release stress reducing hormones called endorphins when we smile. Fake or real smiles do not matter as the brain interprets facial muscles and releases endorphins.

Pray For The Haters

After being insulted you may be inclined to pray. In this regard, remember that it is the haters who need prayer, not you.  You are perfectly divine in the eyes of God, whereas they need to break from from their limited hateful perspective. If prayer is not your thing then send them positive thoughts and good wishes and move on.

Live In The Moment

Don’t stress over the past or make anyone distract you from your path. Return to what you were doing before you were disturbed.

Focus on the coming and going of your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply to achieve oneness with the now.


Take a walk.  See some sights. You might see something or meet someone that completely takes your mind away from a nasty encounter.

Spiritual Practice

Do a Spiritual practice. Yoga, meditation, quigong, sexual energy training, self massage or anything else that encourages you to love and explore your body.

Take Action

Don’t let foul mouthed limited minds ruin your day, shake them off and move on to something positive.

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