Don’t Lose Sleep Over Haters

Gone are the days when I would internalize and stress over the negative things people say to me. In the past I would think something was wrong with me and internalize and live with that pain. Now I realize it is about people and their issues.

When someone makes a hateful remark to or about you, leave it with him and move to the next moment.

Emotional Dumping

When someone comes at you with negativity and stress he is doing something known as emotional dumping. He dumps his negative emotions on you and gets some sort of superficial release. You in turnĀ  pick up that foul energy and dump it on someone else. That person then dumps it on another person. Each time the energy gets bigger and is infused with more negativity. The cycle never stops until someone refuses to accept that baggage. The cycle can stop with you. We do not have to accept any unwanted energies into our sphere.

Learning Opportunity

Instead of getting mad at a hater use him as an example of how not to behave.


Have sympathy for those that hate us because their hate creates a limited view. When someone comes to you with hate bring understanding. Hate cannot heal hate.

Don’t Take It Personal

The truth is their hate doesn’t have much to do with you. It is usually about them and the stories they create in their minds. However if during their tirade they truly highlight your faults then work on those issues instead of addressing their hate.

I always say haters are my teachers and motivators.


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