Auras: Healing Holes In The Aura

My aura is my clothing.

My aura is my armor that keeps me protected 24 hours a day. It does not take a break even when I sleep. All living beings are surrounded by a field of energy called aura. The aura protects, attracts and repels. Our lifestyles determine the strength of our auras. Many people have holes in their auras because of unhealthy abusive lifestyles or diseases passed down from their ancestors.

We have no control over our ancestors’ actions but we can stop our own self-destructive behaviors that damage our aura.

Unhealthy daily activities have an insidious effect while healing activities have a cumulative effect on aura. Since most people don’t see their auras they can’t see the damage being caused and are not motivated to change. If people can see the damage being done to their bodies by unhealthy lifestyle and still continue then they will have no motivation to do something about their auras, a concept that is abstract to them. But make no mistake it is real.

Drugs, unhealthy eating, self abuse and abuse from others are a few things that put holes in the aura.

The Negative Effects Of Holes In Your Aura

No motivation.
Awful Mood Swings.
Low success rate.
Looking much older than your age.

A Few Ways We Destroy Our Auras

There are things we should avoid if we want a strong protective aura. To ensure a strong healthy aura internal conflicts need to be resolved.


Avoid resentment at all cost. People sometimes confuse resentment and anger but these are two completely different emotions. Anger may be expressed in a civil and clean manner and then be resolved. Resentment is holding on to anger and internalizing it. After a while the resentment causes disease and disharmony of energies, resulting in a damaged aura. If you have trouble letting go of resentment because of an injustice think about the fact that holding on to this toxic emotion is causing you harm and not helping the situation. The person against whom the resentment is directed might not even remember you. Letting go and moving on is the best revenge. Get bigger and better and show whoever did you wrong that he cannot hold you down.

Eventually you need to forgive yourself and whoever did you wrong. Forgiveness is personal and shouldn’t be forced but the longer you harbor resentment the bigger the holes become. The bigger the holes the more diseases and depression will plague you.

Unhealthy Foods and Drugs

Any toxic substance you consume hurts your aura.

Over stimulation

Taoists regard the organs as parents, and the senses as children. Sight, hearing, taste and touch are all overstimulated in the digital age. Addiction to pleasuring the senses makes you into a stimulation junkie. For example, watching porn may indicate addiction to touch, sight and sound while over consumption of sugary foods shows addiction to taste.

Weak Attention Control

Attention comes at a cost. Hence the term “paying attention”. When we give attention to something we are charged a fee. The cost? Energy. Giving your attention to irrelevant things drains your energy while you get nothing in return. If you pay too much attention to the wrong things holes start opening up.

How We Strengthen Our Auras

Aloe Vera Cleanse – Peel a leaf of aloe vera, blend the gel and drink it. It’s very bitter but it is a good cleanser. This can be done once a month if you’re eating unhealthy.

Information Intake – Reduce your intake of information and stimulus. Avoid aggressive violent video games, music and movies. Avoid celebrity gossip and getting emotionally heated over celebrities and their lives.

Sunlight – Sunlight is the universal charger. It strengthens you in every way and it’s completely free. Get some!

Specific Meditation – Meditate twice a day for at least 10 minutes. Meditation is one of the few things that improves everything about you. Consistent meditation for two years can heal your aura. The type of meditation should be one where your bare feet are on the floor as this creates balance from above and below. With bare feet on the floor you absorb negative charge from the earth, while your head absorbs positive charge from above. This type of meditation fosters balance and healing for anyone suffering from a broken aura. Meditations that involve poses like full lotus are not recommended for someone suffering from an aura with holes.

Prayer, Affirmations, Positive Self Talk – Prayer changes your reality and can bring universal protection to strengthen your aura. If prayer is not for you then have a positive conversation with yourself or recite positive affirmations. A positive self talk is simply speaking about your strengths, weaknesses, achievements, mistakes, speaking about the lessons you’ve learnt and what you’re grateful for. Positive self talk, prayer and affirmations will give you a greater sense of security. The more you have positive talks with yourself the better you get. Talking to yourself is a completely different experience from talking to others. Both have benefits.

More Things You Can Do

Just Sit There

Conserve and Cultivate Your Sexual Energy

It’s All Internal

When we are harmonized internally external forces cannot break our auras.


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