Body Scan Meditation

We can use our minds to scan our bodies.

The body scan meditation relaxes the body and dissolves internal blockages that prevent energy flow.

This meditation may be done outside in the warm sun or in bed in a dark room.

Lie down and close your eyes.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

Imagine yourself melting into the floor, bed or whatever surface you’re resting on.

Place your awareness in your feet starting with your toes. If you come across any tension
in your feet send it thoughts of love and kindness.

Slowly expand your attention to your calves, knees, thighs buttocks, PC muscle, genitals, abdomen, heart, throat. Keep going until you have scanned your entire body from toe to head.

Whenever you encounter tension in a particular area smile and send it love and kindness.

When it is over slowly wiggle your toes and gently rock your legs from side to side. Open your eyes, you are wide awake and ready for the world.


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