Meditation And Drug Addiction

Meditation is a safe and effective way of getting rid of addictions. Mindfulness meditation can break any addiction over time. Many drug addicts who do mindfulness meditation find themselves becoming less addicted until they let go completely.

Drugs And Meditation

Although in some cultures, drugs or hallucinogenic plants are incorporated into meditation routine and shamans sometimes use these substances to connect with other dimensions, true mindfulness meditation does not include natural or synthetic drugs.

How Meditation Breaks Addiction

High On Happiness

One of the best benefits of meditation is that it trains us to be happy without the use of external stimuli. The more we meditate the less we seek happiness outside of ourselves. Most people in society are stimulation junkies, unable to experience happiness without anything external. They usually need a catalyst. The ability to be happy without anything will destroy stimulation seeking.

Meditation Fosters Detachment

Meditation enables detachment from the material world, including harmful addictive substances.

Improves Our Overall Lives

Meditation improves our overall lives and can fix many of the problems that lead to the taking of drugs. Through meditation we may identify and confront root problems. The need for drugs is replaced by a sense of purpose and wholeness.

Useful Meditative Techniques

Notice The Patterns

Self observation without judgment is very powerful in enhancing self understanding and intimacy that can break addiction.

There is usually a pattern or sequence of events that leads to taking drugs. With daily mindfulness you can notice this sequence and take action from that point. Identifying the sequence is merely the first step in overcoming addiction and difficulties will be experienced before change is effected. Try replacing unhealthy actions with healthy ones.

Stay In The Moment

When you take drugs notice how your body feels. Try to remain aware of these feelings and not drift into fantasy. Depending on the drug that might be difficult but keep trying. This can actually help you break free.

No Plans

Meditation and meditative techniques have a surprisingly powerful effect in breaking addictions over time.

Do not judge yourself or feel guilty as you observe your addictive habits or the actions which lead you to take drugs.

Most people who have freed themselves from drug addiction with meditation have not analyzed how it happened, they just started taking less until they dropped the habit. They did not make a conscious decision or use brute force.

If meditation does not get you off drugs it can certainly lessen your addiction. This self-care treatment costs nothing and has no side effects.

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