The Social Show

In the online world most people say things to suit their personal interests so taking things personally is unwise. For many social media is about putting on a show and presenting a false image to the world.

Genuine people who discard diplomacy and speak their truth usually do so under pseudonyms and masks. Considering that almost everyone is putting on a show, it is foolish to get upset over what you see or read online. Only a few are 100% transparent and even then it’s unhealthy to become obsessed with what the real ones say.

Ignore The Trolls and Haters

Most people don’t know that I encounter trolls and haters because I hardly respond to them. Whenever someone attacks me online I know it’s about them and their issues and they need help.

Don’t Sweat The Pretenders

Many people don’t take the advice they proudly preach down our throats. Individuals who project a false image have to live with knowing they deceive people. Those who give advice but don’t take it will live to see people benefit from that same advice while they remain stagnant. A dreadful consequence of pretending.

Observe Them All Without Judgments

After realizing that most of it is a show we can objectively observe.

It is not my job to investigate if the people who post uplifting information are living a life that contradicts their teachings. The wise student learns from the hypocritical teacher and ultimately surpasses him.

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