When Envy Emerges

The envy disease takes time to manifest in some people. Sometimes people carry this disease in their hearts for years and it causes them pain and sickness. To make matters worse they usually keep it a secret because of shame.

The best way to spot envy is to live an honest life and continuously improve on yourself. People won’t be able to conceal their true feelings about you forever if you live an honest life.

My Experiences With Envy

I have had a few experiences with envy. In all instances keeping it real was all it took to bring it to the surface.

First They Ignore…

I reach out to people for help.
They ignore me.
I decide to do things myself.
Things are progressing and slowly improving.
The people who ignored me start complaining about me or criticizing me.

How do I respond?: I keep going. I have no time for people who ignored me in the past.

Fake Friends…

I’m struggling but I have friends.
I and my friends are broke but we are happy because we have each other.
I start making money.
My friends want some of the wealth.
I show them how to make the money and ask them to help me in my business so we can share profits.
They get upset and want hand outs instead.

My response?: I avoid them. They aren’t friends; they’re leaches.

Be You

I try not to investigate or test people to see if they are envious. Instead I live an honest productive life and people’s true intentions always come out.

Those who envy the successful should turn it into motivation to better themselves. But that is too much work for some people. Envy is for the lazy.

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