Highly Sensitive People & Social Media

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood.

A highly sensitive person experiences social media quite differently from everyone else. The cruelties people joke about then forget may affect them forever. Some people are built for drama and endless debates. They joke about tragedy and are unfeeling.

Fixation on social media drama and negativity may cause serious pain for the highly sensitive person.

Many sensitive people experience adverse emotional effects because of their interaction with the people they meet on social media. If this has happened to you, remember a time before you were exposed to all that negative drama. It’s possible to return to that state if you use social media in moderation, follow only a few people and filter your content. Start today by cutting off the energies that make you unhappy. Never look at their words again.

If you get friendly with people and decide to meet them offline have no expectations. You could possibly be disappointed. The personality presented online may be very different from the real person.

Life is too beautiful to fixate on things that hurt you. Don’t give negative online entities the power to affect your life. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Guidelines For The Highly Sensitive:

Follow people you resonate with
Turn off all retweets.
Take nothing personal because what people do is about them and their feelings.
Have no expectation because many are just putting on a show.
Use social media in moderation
Take occasional breaks (at least 2 weeks)


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