Keep Going

I keep going even when nobody relates to my journey.
I keep going in times of doom and gloom.
I keep going even when I get no emotional support.

I keep going because I know that the universe is always there for me. I know the universe understands. When humans turn their back on me the sun, moon, stars, nature and all her miraculous creatures support me.

Stick to your truth through the difficult times and eventually you’ll find kindred Spirits.

Giving up is easy; it takes effort to stick to your vision. The easy road is full of instant gratification but leads to damnation later on. Sticking to your vision might be challenging but leads to emotional and financial freedom.

In life many people reach very close to achieving their vision and turn back at the last moment. Had they kept at it a little longer they would have had a breakthrough.

People who haven’t discovered their truth are comfortable with conformity. Those who discover their truth cannot deny or hide from it. It follows them forever. Abandoning your truth to fit in will make you unhappy.

After a while the soul gets tired of changing with trends and yearns for wholeness.

Stay true to yourself and the universe will send people into your life who appreciate your truth and everything about you. Stay true to yourself and you will attract genuine people that you can build with.

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