5 Things To Consider Before Giving Up On Your Goals and Dreams

It’s easy for an outsider to tell you to give up a dream. To the observer it might look like you’re chasing the impossible. Constructive criticism often provides a fresh and sometimes helpful perspective. Ultimately you know what is best. Therefore you should make the final decision.

Outsiders cannot feel the strength of your determination. They have no idea how much joy your dream brings. They do not know the lengths you are willing to go. They view your situation logically from the outside.

Life Is Fluid, You Can Change Your Mind Anytime

It’s okay if you are unsure about giving up or persisting with your goals. As we grow and learn more our views change and we might realize that some goals aren’t worth striving for. If your heart is no longer in a goal don’t be afraid to drop it.

Things To Ask Yourself Before Dropping A Goal

  1. Am I naturally good at this?: If it’s something you’re naturally good at you might want to consider continuing. Things that you are not naturally good at require more effort.
  2. Could I be doing something better?: Look at your options to see if there is something better you could be doing at this point in your life.
  3. How much have I invested and how have I benefited so far?: Consider the time, money, and energy that you have invested and what you’ve received in return. Money is not the only thing to consider. Enjoyment and meeting new people, good reputation and expanding your network are also important gains.
  4. Does it help others?: In what way is it helping others and at what cost?
  5. Does doing it make me happy?: A very important thing to consider.

If It Makes You Happy

If you want to make money from what you love keep doing it. You might have to get a job on the side while waiting for it to generate money but keep at it. Find a little time each day for it. One day you’ll find a way to earn money from it and make it your full time profession.

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