Absorb What Is Relevant To Your Journey

Is being proficient in one or two disciplines better than dabbling in everything? It depends on your goals. If you wish to master a craft then focus on topics related to your craft. If you wish to be a dilettante then dabble along.

Cutting The Useless Information

People get washed away in the flood of data available in the digital age. They are momentarily amused by bits of random information and never settle down to deeply connect with anything.

Every day people gossip about what celebrities wear, who they date, who’s cheating and how much weight they’ve lost or gained. The time used to discuss these trivialities come at a cost. People who invest more energy in celebrity trivia instead of their craft look back and regret wasting time.

It’s okay to not know the latest trends because most of these things are vain and empty. Only people in professions such as marketing and advertising require that knowledge.

Infinite Mind

Spirituality teaches that we have the capacity for unlimited information and the ability to master everything. However it takes time to reach high levels and taking on everything too early results in an overload. Focusing on a few things and mastering them, then gradually expanding your information intake is a safe way to infinite mind.

The Kybalion warns of men who have grown arrogant with the little they know and foolishly claim infinite mind. Instead they suggest being humble as you gradually work towards infinite mind.

Doing Too Much

At one point in my journey I found myself practicing karate, meditation, qigong, yoga, taoism, mathematics, geography, chemistry, physics, biology, art, farming, web design, computer programming, and much more. I was desperate to study everything out of fear that if I left something out I would be incomplete. However, I could not deeply explore so many things at the same time. I therefore cut out many of them and focused on a few knowing that I would return to the other things when I became proficient in the ones I chose. There’s a deeper satisfaction to be gained by sticking to few disciplines and becoming intimate with them.

Less Is More

Study everything at once to become a Jack of all trades but master of none. Focus on one or a few things to become an expert.

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