New Level Unlocked: The Birth Of Greatness

When we are close to unlocking new levels of greatness things sometimes get difficult. The birth of greatness is not usually a smooth process. The birth of greatness is usually a painfully chaotic earthquake that shatters the concepts we have outgrown. It is in these times of difficulty that we must keep pushing until we have a breakthrough.

Pressure Makes Diamonds So Appreciate The Entire Journey

Appreciate every moment of the process. The difficult times are just as important as the easy times. The difficult times strengthen you. The difficult times prepare you for what you asked the universe for, therefore it is important to never lose sight of your goals.

Killing Dreams

Sometimes when you give up on a dream other people take it up and fly with it. Robert E. Howard creator of Conan the Barbarian and father of the sword and sorcery sub-genre killed his dream. From the age of 9 he had dreams of writing adventure and fiction. By age 23 he had gained a little success but he shot himself in the head at the age of 30 after his mother died from tuberculosis. It is said that a combination of stress from work, not living in a comfortable home and the passing of his mother pushed him to suicide. His fame increased exponentially after his suicide. His works have been transformed into movies, comics, video games and toys. It’s a pity he could not endure the difficulties and stick around to see the cultural impact his work had. Many have achieved their dreams from imitating his work.

Perhaps he never had anyone to encourage him. But most importantly he lacked the confidence in self and his vision. Confidence in self and your vision is the necessary fuel to keep going when people are not around to offer support.

Have Faith In Your Craft

Have faith in your craft and visualize it taking you where you want to go. Keep pushing to unlock new levels.

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