Gratitude Attracts Abundance

Gratitude is being thankful. The more we do this the stronger we become emotionally. So it’s good to practice gratitude daily. Regardless of the challenges you face there’s always something to be thankful for. Finding something to be thankful for frees us from situations that seem hopeless. Finding something to be thankful for can free the heart from a difficult place.

Giving thanks is the last thing most people think about when experiencing serious hardships but it is in these times that it is most necessary. Sometimes the tools of our liberation are right in front of us. Giving thanks allows us to have a deeper value of the things available to us and even unlocks hidden uses of them.

When we value the things available to us we don’t sleep on them. Instead of complaining over what we don’t have we use what we do have to achieve our goals. Gratitude also protects us from getting into bad situations. When people are always complaining and craving instead of using what’s available to them they are more likely to get into trouble. When you are always craving the next thing you ignore what is available to you and fall out of harmony with your surroundings.

Once we start valuing the things around us and making use of them we attract more. Nothing attracts abundance like constructive activity combined with gratitude.

People who can’t find anything to be thankful for stay stagnant.

Look Around You And Be Thankful

The house you live in is something to be thankful for even if it’s not in the best condition and you live with people who make you uncomfortable.

Your clothes, food and all the other things you use that you don’t even think about are things to be thankful for. Pause each day and look around you and give thanks for something.

Even if what you have is not of the best quality utilize it to the fullest in order to upgrade to a higher level.

Look Inside Of You And Be Thankful

Be thankful for your body. Our bodies work on our behalf non stop. Our heart beats day and night to keep us alive and our brain processes and organizes information while we rest. Your body is a miracle. It’s the greatest technology on this planet. Everything man has made is a carbon copy of your prototype.

Attract More

Being thankful for the internal and external resources we have and utilizing them to the fullest is a sure way to attract abundance.

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