Relax And Let The Brain Work

Whenever I have a creative block instead of struggling to find ideas I take a nature walk, watch the birds, take a nap or listen to music. When I return to work my mind overflows with ideas. Sometimes the harder we try to solve problems or create ideas the more difficult it gets. The brain needs relaxation and idle time to process information.

It’s Serious But Not That Serious

It’s good to take work seriously but we must also realize it’s not that serious when compared to the grand order of things. The earth is a grain of dust in infinite space. Relax and realize that whatever work you’re doing isn’t worth stressing over.

The Brain Works While We Relax

Scientific evidence shows that during rest our brains solve problems and organize information that we absorbed. In 1929 German neurologist Hans Berger recorded brain activity during downtime using a method he created called electroencephalography. Since then science has been confirming his findings. Marcus Raichle of Washington University in Saint Louis and Bharat Biswal of New Jersey Institute of Technology concluded that the brain constantly consumes energy and is active in organizing and processing information while we relax and engage in recreational activity.

A Day Off Is Healthy

The next time you’re out having fun don’t feel guilty about missing out on work. You can rest well knowing your brain is busy processing information so when you return to work it will be much easier.


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