Your Path Is Unique

Your intuition is your personal guiding light in this infinite universe. Listen to everyone and analyze things from all angles but never put all your faith in leaders, groups or a particular doctrine. When we completely commit to one group, leader or particular doctrine we can’t grow and expand our minds to ideas outside of these things.

The Manipulation Is Real

The internet is flooded with Eastern Spirituality quotes that have been stripped of their ethical context. Some western Spiritual teachers selfishly use occult knowledge to manipulate and control their congregation. They especially love to prey on people from troubled homes who need to feel a sense of belonging. When the individual’s need to belong is strong he will discard original thinking to be part of a flock. The ones strong enough to stay away from manipulative groups unlock a deeper love for self and attract genuine people.

When society shuns your weirdness it’s easy to embrace the first people you see who are preaching detachment from the system but sometimes you should keep going. Not every car that stops along the highway will take you to a safe place.

Don’t Be Forced

Free Spirits are humble and wise enough to accept suggestions and constructive criticism but we don’t mindlessly follow others. The cult mentality is to follow everything the leader says. Dress how the leader dresses and talk how the leaders talks. Trying to control a free Spirit in these ways is like trying to contain a waterfall in a glass.

Real Spiritual teachers serve as guides to unlock your inner light. They don’t focus on bashing others or claim to know it all.

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