Spend On Yourself And Attract Abundance

Money needs to flow like water in order to thrive. Upcoming entrepreneurs should discard the miser mentality if they wish to attract abundance. Leave being a miser to greedy gray headed tycoons who can afford that luxury.

Purchases For Personal Development

Spend on yourself but do so in moderation. Buy nice clothes but don’t strain yourself on overpriced, over hyped brand names. Just be sure to look decent. Invest in things for personal development like exercise equipment and books pertaining to your craft. Purchases made for your personal development will increase your powers of attraction.

Avoid Extremes

Some spend foolishly on drugs, partying, expensive clothes while others save everything and never enjoy life. Find that balance between saving and spending.

Waiting Until You “Make It”

Many people feel as if they have to “make it” before enjoying life but that mentality takes us from the moment. We can enjoy life at any stage of our journey. Enjoying life doesn’t have to involve big spending and partying. Enjoy the things you have acquired so far, enjoy the simple things in life. Appreciate where you’re at even if it’s the bottom of the ladder. Every level in life has valuable lessons. Enjoy every stage in moderation.

Create A Unique Image and Expression For Your Profession

Different crafts carry different energies. Dressing to follow trends and look like everyone else stifles your originality. Create a wardrobe that expresses your personality and craft. A unique expression leaves a unique impression.


Don’t’ wait until you make it. You’re creating it as you go along, Enjoy your journey.
Make purchases for personal development.
Strike a balance between saving and spending.
Customize your wardrobe to match your craft.

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