Positive Affirmations For The Journey

Positive Affirmations For The Journey

Affirmations guide us through our journeys. They may be personal or general. It’s wise to create a few affirmations that personally address where you are in life and where you want to be.

Here are a few affirmations you can use as is or modify.

Affirmations For Love

I love myself, I set standards for myself, I hold myself accountable. I deserve nothing less in a partner.

Affirmations For Friendship

I attract people who share my vision.

I send out positivity to the universe and I attract positive people in my life.

Affirmations For Protection

I am safely guarded in the arms of the universe.

I am wrapped tightly in the arms of the universe.

I live an honest life and as a result I am protected by the universe.

Constructive, positive actions keep me protected.

My ancestors watch over me.

I love all living things, I am in harmony with the universe.

Affirmations For Your Craft

Positive affirmations for our craft fuel us to keep at it in times when we feel like giving up. Insert your profession in the brackets and customize these affirmations for your craft.

I get better at [insert your craft] each time I practice.

I love doing [insert your craft],
[Insert your craft] attracts abundance and positive people in my life.

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