Harmonize Affirmations And Actions For Beautiful Synchronicity

Harmonize Affirmations And Actions

Harmonize affirmations and actions for beautiful synchronicity.

Positive affirmations are short motivational sayings which are like rays of hope.

I say my affirmations in the morning after my meditation session. When used correctly affirmations inspire and motivate, when misused they are veneers under which problems fester.

Misusing Affirmations

Positive affirmations have become trendy and are misused by many people who lead lives diametrically opposed to their affirmations. Unhealthy eaters who affirm they are healthy, students who don’t study but affirm they will pass the class, people who don’t put in the work but affirm they will be successful, the list is endless.


It’s easy to affirm something but it takes strength to live out these affirmations. Living out your affirmations is necessary for manifestation. When the individual’s lifestyle is different from his affirmations, conflict arises. Our affirmations and actions must have a reciprocal relationship.

If we affirm that we are healthy then we must eat healthy.

If we affirm that we are fit then we must exercise, do yoga or maintain some other physical discipline.

If we say affirmations for success then we must be committed to our goals.

Compare your affirmations to your lifestyle. Does your lifestyle reinforce your affirmations?

One of my affirmations is: “I am protected and nourished by nature.” To strengthen this affirmation I show love to all plants, animals and insects. I also farm without using harmful chemicals. Using GMO’s, harmful fertilizers, pesticides or being cruel to animals would make this affirmation just empty words. Empty words cannot bear fruit.

Beautiful Synchronicity

Positive affirmations are self motivational tools that reinforce healthy habits and keep us focused. When your affirmations and actions harmonize, your life will be filled with beautiful synchronicity.


  1. Karen Francisco
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