Treat Your Self Employment Like A 9-5

Treat Your Self Employment Like A 9-5

To advance your carrier treat your self employment like a 9-5

The freedom that comes with self employment may generate high levels of creativity. However many self employed individuals need rules to ensure success and productivity. People who find success in the carefree no rules approach wake up at random times each day and work anywhere. Untidiness doesn’t hinder them from consistently producing high quality work. If you are one of the few who can produce high quality work in these circumstances be thankful. However, if you are among the many self employed individuals struggling with time management then you need to adopt a nine to five schedule.

Study The Established And Prosperous

Observe organizations that are successful in your field. There is usually a set of universal rules that they all apply when it comes to work hours, code of conduct and office management.

Increase Respect

Treating self employment like a 9-5 job shows that you take work seriously and earns you respect from peers and customers. Respect is a key factor in success.

Rules Of Time

Setting a work schedule you’re comfortable with protects you from over working and burning out. The same schedule prevents you from slacking off.

It’s An Adventure

Self employment is a big step, it’s exciting and a bit scary for people who have worked for someone else all their lives. Treating your self employment like a 9-5 will give you stability.

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