Sexual Energy 6: Storing Your Energy Safely

Storing Your Energy Safely

Storing your energy safely will prevent headaches and emotional outbursts.

Sexual energy is a powerful creative energy that must be circulated internally. It is unmanageable when clustered in areas like the head and heart.

Leaving sexual energy in the head for long periods can lead to headaches, anger and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Sexual energy left in the head makes it difficult to function socially. If the energy in the head is not brought down and stored behind the navel tension continues to accumulate which creates a need for release. Many people release this with ejaculation or even violent outbursts. Ejaculation defeats the purpose of sexual energy conservation.
The safest place to store the energy is behind the navel.

Who It Affects

People who meditate regularly in cross legged positions like lotus.
Women and men who are training to become multi orgasmic.

Bringing Your Energy Down

A variety of exercises exist to bring your energy down. This one is effective and easy to follow.

Sit on a chair with bare feet on the floor.

Close your eyes and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Put your attention in your head.

Focus on the energy in your head. (Some people see spirals or a sphere of light. It’s okay if you don’t see anything, just focus on the feeling.)

After a while direct the energy down through your eyes, nose and mouth.

Allow the energy to mix with your saliva and send the energy down your throat, send it past your heart.

As the energy sphere passes through your body it gets bigger as it pulls clumps of energy that are stuck in other body parts.

Finally let it rest in your belly behind your navel.

Behind your navel is a safe place to store the energy. Now that it’s there you can draw on this well of power behind your navel anytime.

Be Patient With Yourself

The movement of energy is internal and although it might seem abstract it is very real. The exercise will calm your nerves, release the stress and circulate the energy. When doing the exercise turn your attention inward and go with the flow of your body. Don’t try too hard.

At first the exercise might feel subtle but with practice you will be able to actually feel your energy as it moves internally.


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