Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself because you are worth it

When we think of investment we think of buying things like land and precious metals that have long term material value. However, the most lucrative and safest investment is in self. It is safe because you will be putting value directly into yourself instead of investing in an external object.

Learn A Skill & Become Inimitable

Invest in yourself and nurture your natural abilities. Master a skill and develop a unique style. An inimitable style develops after years of practicing a skill. Whatever you take years to learn cannot be stolen. Copy cats lack the discipline to develop skill and style. Copying gives them a buzz and  provides them with instant gratification. However, if you are original, as time passes your skills will increase and your methods become more complex even though on the surface your work might seem simple. Copying your pattern will become impossible and people will see through poor attempts at imitation.

Technology is rapidly advancing and taking jobs that were traditionally held by humans. In these times the greatest thing you can invest in is yourself. The human brain is more advanced than all the greatest technology combined; it is the instrument of your liberation.

You can take your skills anywhere and add unique value to everything you do. The universe becomes your comfort zone because you operate from a safe place within. You recognize that you are the instrument of your success and external tools are just avenues to express your inner gold.

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