Concentration Is A Super Power


Concentration is a super power, when this mental muscle is strengthened it is easier to achieve your goals.

Our brains are more advanced than the best artificial intelligence; our bodies are far greater than all earthly technologies. Unfortunately most of us are not making the best use of our magnificent minds. In this digital age of short attention spans, where everything goes by quickly while people multi-task, the ability to concentrate is a powerful asset. Unless there is a radical change the average attention span will continue to get shorter. Thankfully the attention span can be strengthened through spiritual practice.

According to a 2015 study conducted by Microsoft, the average attention span is 8 seconds which is a second less than that of a goldfish. In the past it was much longer but over time this has dwindled to the paltry 8 seconds that it is now. Even as recently as 2013 it was 12 seconds, 4 seconds more than it is today. A long time ago the average attention span was hours.

The ability to concentrate is necessary to master a skill. People who cannot focus are easily distracted and manipulated.

Invest in yourself and strengthen your attention span. Attention control is one of the most valuable tools in your mental arsenal.

One Task

The digital age encourages multi-tasking. Eating and browsing the internet, doing house work while listening to music and driving while talking on the cellphone are common examples of this. We rarely do one task at a time. The positive side of multi-tasking is that it helps us to get more done in less time. The downside is that it does not allow the mind to settle and become one with the activity. Multi-tasking divides the mind between activities. A divided mind scatters your attention and divides the body. Some of the highest levels of bliss are felt when we give our undivided attention to something we love. Limiting your multi-tasking is a good way to strengthen your concentration. It is difficult to completely eliminate multi-tasking from our lives. Instead pick 1 – 3 activities for the day that you will give your undivided attention.

Giving your undivided attention to these activities will do wonders to strengthen your attention span.

Belly Breathing

This simple belly breathing exercise has many benefits including strengthening concentration. This exercise may be performed once in the morning and once in the evening.

Place your hands over your belly and inhale. As you inhale your belly pushes outward with your navel. Exhale and pull your navel back. (Imagine pulling your navel into your spine.) Inhale and exhale 100 times, mentally counting the numbers. If you get distracted and lose count start over.

A good routine is counting from 0 -100 in the morning and 100 – 0 at night.

Stay Hydrated

Did you remember to drink water today? Mild dehydration can affect your ability to focus.


Meditation strengthens your concentration. Twice a day for at least 10 minutes will produce good results.

Concentration Is Like A Muscle

Concentration is like a muscle. Inactivity makes it weak but it will strengthen with undivided attention to constructive activities.


Dedicate undivided attention to 1 – 3 tasks daily.
Do belly breathing exercise twice a day 1 – 100/ 100 – 1
Stay hydrated.

Concentration is a super power you should have.

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