Honor Your Progenitors

Honor Your Progenitors

Honor your progenitors and fully embrace their powers so you can become the greatest version of yourself. Honor your progenitors because their ancient energies have been passed down to you.

Progenitor – Ancestor
Progeny – Offspring

Much of our strengths, weaknesses and desires were inherited from our progenitors. The more you know about the people in your family the greater understanding you will have of self. Study your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, father, grandfather and great grandfather. The deeper you go the more interesting it gets.

Keeping The Connection Alive

Many people maintain a connection with their progenitors even though they are no longer in the physical world. They invite the Spirits into their homes and show them respect and kindness. The Spirits in turn provide protection and guidance for the family.

Keeping Progenitor Spirits Around You

People have various methods for keeping the connection with their progenitors. A common ritual involves setting them a plate of fresh fruits and a bowl of water. I have never used this method but others seem satisfied with it.

Two Easy Ways To Connect With Them:
1. Poetry and Song: Write a song or poem honoring your progenitor(s) and read or sing it to your family members.

2. Pictures and Drawings: Place pictures and drawings of them in a central area of your house. These images are powerful visualization tools for attracting their energies.

Live An Honest Life

Earn the respect and protection of your progenitors by living an honest life. If your life is unethical bribery with food or flattering songs and poetry will not win their hearts.


It is up to us to keep the memories of our progenitors alive. Teach your children about your grandparents and your children will teach their children about you.

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