When Twitter Is Down

Today January 19, 2016, when I logged into twitter from my business account I received error messages when trying to follow new people. After doing a search I discovered that Twitter is down today for many users and the hash tag #twitterdown is trending. This is not the first time it’s happened and hopefully the bugs are sorted out so I can get back to work. Many persons have no access while for others some aspects of the site are not working.

Musicians, artists and writers make money from twitter by using it for self promotion. Celebrities earn large sums of money from promoting products for major corporations to their followers on twitter. However most people use twitter socially. When twitter or any other social network faces technical difficulties, the hysteria which ensues is amazing. People act like their world has ended and the ironic thing is that the people who are the most devastated are the ones who use it socially. The people who should be the most concerned are people who use social media for business. Without social media many people wouldn’t have a life. If twitter, were to shut down many would lose their sense of identity and that’s scary. Don’t base your life on social media. It’s a good place make money, share your views and fight for a cause but that’s about it. If you see people you admire and you really have the desire to know them in real life then follow them, retweet them and let them know you are interested in them. If they are not interested in a real life connection then gracefully accept their wishes. It’s more difficult to meet people in real life. Get out of that comfort zone and give yourself the challenge of meeting people face to face. If you are rejected don’t take it personally just move on. People who tweet their lives away and need validation from strangers online are missing out on life.

Life is not in the virtual world behind a computer screen. They say the physical world is an illusion so the virtual world is an illusion within an illusion. Don’t get too attached to people you see onscreen no matter how good they seem. I love using social media. Seeing others who share my views inspire me to keep pushing. It would have been much more difficult if I felt like I was the only one out there doing what I do. Social media helps me to feel more connected to the collective. If it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t have met certain people in real life and I am thankful for that. Twitter has changed the world. A prime example is the organic food movement. Through social media many people now know the effects of genetically modified foods and the reasons that organic foods are healthier. However while I appreciate social media, I am grounded in my surroundings and I don’t need social media to validate my existence. If it were to go I would be disappointed but not destroyed.

Steps To Ensure You Won’t Be Devastated If Twitter Goes Down

Form relationships with real people in real life.
Talk to people face to face.
Connect with your surroundings, be at peace with your surroundings.
Find a hobby or craft that makes you happy and has nothing to do with social media.
Do work in your community.

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