Using Social Media Constructively

Using Social Media Constructively

Using social media constructively means ignoring trolls, haters and distractions.

Using social media constructively means using social media to spread positivity and awareness of important issues.

Social media websites are portals into endless perspectives. It is easy to get lost in a wasteland of nonsense if vigilance is not exercised when using social media. These websites are now permanent residents of society. Even countries that are not considered free by western standards allow their citizens to use social media in some form.

People may waste time through social media or empower themselves and the world. These platforms provide the perfect opportunity for sharing ideas, networking and supporting individuals and organizations that you believe in.

Proper Time Management

Proper time management is necessary in order to use social media constructively. Don’t go with the intention of spending ten minutes and end up spending hours to the detriment of your other responsibilities.

Excessive use causes you to neglect important things in real life. Real life is offline and is of greater priority than social media.

Set a daily time limit for yourself and stick to it. If following the time limit is difficult you can set an alarm to remind you when to stop. When the alarm goes off log out and don’t return until the next day. If you cannot resist logging back in then your willpower is not strong enough. Challenge yourself to use it in moderation. It is better to use social media in moderation than to use it excessively and waste your days. Wasted days fly by fast and if you allow them to pile up you’ll look back with regret thinking about the many constructive things you could have done.

Long Break

Try taking a week’s break. Getting away from all the technology and incoming information for a while helps your own ideas to flourish. It’s difficult to explore your original ideas and thoughts if you are always absorbing the views of others online. A break for at least a week keeps things in balance. If this is too difficult then you are too attached which makes it more critical to train yourself to go without it.

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