Ignoring Personal Attacks

Ignoring Personal Attacks

Ignoring personal attacks requires internal calmness. Ignoring personal attacks can prevent conflict from escalating.

Verbal attacks usually escalate when reciprocated, especially if the attacker wants to entangle us in a destructive argument.  Even the calmest people have fallen victim to this tactic.

Reciprocating an attack brings instant gratification. However when the gratification fades, there is a feeling of regret for not having been more responsible than the other person.

Analyzing The Past

Analyzing past conflicts is necessary in breaking destructive habits.

Think about the times you got furious and lost control.
Think about what the outcome might have been if you had kept your cool.
Would you behave the same if faced with a similar situation?
What would you do differently?
What lessons have you learned?

Be The Mature One

Sometimes people who verbally abuse others are high and mighty in the moment. If the abuse is not returned, later on they might reflect on their behavior and feel ashamed.  They may even apologize.

Restraint protects you from getting dragged into the other person’s mess. Restraint ensures that you are remembered as the mature one.

Unconditional Awareness

Be mindful in your interactions. Don’t be a pawn of your emotions. In this world people will say things just to see you react emotionally. Don’t bite the bait; it’s not worth it.

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