Work First Then Play: Make The Best Of Your Day

Work First Then Play

Work first then play to make the best of your day. 

Every 24 hours is precious and should be used wisely. Even though people complain about not having enough time to work on their goals the time is usually there. Trivialities eat up their time and before they know it the day is done and they haven’t accomplished much.

Daily time management is needed to be productive.

Work First Then Play: Motivate Yourself From Early

If you are not motivated when you rise in the morning then it will be more difficult to have a productive day. Rise, repeat positive affirmations, meditate and face the day.

Create a schedule and stick to it. If schedules are not for you simply list the things you want to accomplish for that day. As the day progresses it gets more challenging to do things so do the most important tasks first and get them out of the way.

Turn Off

Avoid distractions by turning off your cellphone, wifi and TV. Do not look at any trivia until you have done a significant amount of work for the day.

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