Motivation For Meditation: Why Beginners Need Reasons To Meditate And Masters Don’t

Motivation for meditation

Motivation for meditation is needed less as you progress.

Reasons to meditate provide motivation. Increase in energy and concentration, as well as greater emotional control are just a few benefits of meditation that beginners should be aware of.

Reasons for meditation may be general or personal. Personal reasons resolve specific challenges.

A Few Personal Reasons:
1. More energy to do tasks.
2. Increase in concentration to perform better in school and work
3. Increase in emotional control in order to maintain composure in hostile environments.
4. To help heal an illness.
5. To increase intuition and empathy in order to have better friendships and relationships.

These reasons create expectations. Although spiritual teaching discourages expectations, reasons are necessary for most people in the early stages of meditation.

During the actual meditation the meditator should forget why he is doing it and just be.

Many beginners find sitting in silence boring and without personal reasons to anchor them they often stop after a few sessions.

Once the beginner has identified her reasons for practicing meditation she can use these reasons to motivate her when practice gets boring and she doesn’t feel like sitting down doing nothing.

Expectations and reasons disappear when the beginner develops a love for the art of meditation. This is a sign of spiritual progress. Some people love meditation from the start but for others it’s an acquired taste.

Meditation is one of the highest forms of self expression.

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