A Phoenix Rises From Failure

A phoenix rises from failure

A phoenix rises from failure and gets stronger, faster and wiser.

Failure can make or break you depending on your perspective. Failure may trigger deep retrospection and introspection or anger, sadness and depression. Failure is an opportunity to learn about self and spot flaws that are usually hidden by success. The lessons in failure protect against difficulties which may be encountered later in life.

Failures are lessons on the road to greatness.

Feeling Down

It’s okay to get angry or sad over failing. However wallowing in negative emotions should have an early expiry date. The longer you feel sorry for yourself the harder it is to learn from failure. Give yourself time to rest then compose yourself and reassess.

Reality Check

Don’t allow failure to lower your self value, just see it as an opportunity for self analysis and improvement. In situations where people refrain from highlighting our errors for fear of  hurting our feelings failure is our only reality check.

Success gives some people a feeling of superiority over others, often leading to excessive celebrating and the megalomania mentality. Persons may overestimate their worth, living off past success instead of focusing on current ventures. Sometimes a failure forces them to face reality and make the necessary changes to improve.

A Different Path

Failure can take you off the wrong path and redirect you to your true calling.

Shortly after Madonna dropped out of college and got a job at a Dunkin’ Donuts she was fired for squirting jelly on a customer. The embarrassing incident redirected her to a more lucrative path. If she hadn’t been fired she could probably still be a wishful waitress with dreams of making it as a musician.

JK Rowling lost her job as a secretary at Amnesty International because she would daydream while on the job and spend much of her time typing stories about wizards and magicians.  Losing her job put her on a path that led to the multi billion dollar Harry Potter novels.

Take Heed

If you fail it means the universe is sending you a sign to change something.

Maintain a solid inner core and have a self love that stays with you in success and failure.

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