When People Are Aggressive Be Assertive

When People Are Aggressive Be Assertive

When people are aggressive be assertive.

Aggressive people create stress and passive aggressive people perplex. To avoid getting dragged into to their world be assertive in your interactions with them. Aggression feeds aggression which only escalates a situation. If only one person is aggressive there can be no quarrel.

Assertive Not Aggressive

Being assertive simply means standing firmly for what you believe in without using abusive language or violence. Assertiveness is being securely grounded in a healthy definition of yourself.

Body Language

Body language and assertiveness are inseparable. The way you move and the way you speak must be harmonized. If the body shows lack of confidence your words won’t have an impact.


Besides being good for your health a good posture also influences how much people respect you. They might not even be conscious of how the postures of others influence them. A good posture shows confidence and composure so stand straight. Don’t be too straight or stiff as that will seem mechanical. Stand straight but relax, lower your shoulders and breathe calmly.


Eyes have their own language. Eye contact reinforces your presence in the moment. Maintain eye contact but don’t stare. Too much eye contact can seem unnatural and intimidating. Every once in a while look away from your point of interest. However, your eyes shouldn’t be sweeping all over the place. That will make you seem distracted.


Speak with a firm tone- not too loud and not too soft.

Stick To The Subject

Always stick to the subject. Refrain from name calling and ignore personal attacks.

If name calling and personal attacks get serious then remove yourself from the conversation.

By sticking to the point you remain composed with clarity.

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