Focus On Your Work And Let The Drama Die

Focus on your work and let the drama die.

Focus on your work and let the drama die.

Before you respond to hate think about the pros and cons of doing so. Responding may escalate a problem and give people seeking attention more power.

Nothing To Lose

People with nothing to lose will say anything so it is best to avoid confrontations with them. Many of them are desperate for any type of attention. They want to use conflict with you as a stepping stone to ascend. A person with nothing to lose usually acts and talks recklessly without thinking about the consequences.

Individuals with nothing to lose have no fear and will prolong conflict until they have achieved a goal at your expense.

A person with nothing to lose can only gain from being in conflict with you.

Taunts and Teasing

Ignoring attackers often triggers the common taunt that you are not able to defend yourself. This type of peer pressure pushes people into conflicts they should avoid. It’s easy for people to jeer from a safe place but those same people will not have your back if you decide to address attackers. People crave conflict because it gives them something to gossip about. Starve them.

Let The Drama Die: Put Out More Work

The downfall of many people is that they pay attention to problems that should be ignored. Responding to some people is a detour from working on your goals. Conflict with you is their goal.

Let Them Make Noise

In the 1980s hip hop artiste KRS-One presented his demo tape to radio personality Mr. Magic who rejected it. At the time Mr Magic was promoting hip hop super group The Juice Crew. MC Shan who was a member of the Juice Crew at the time had a single called The Bridge which sang praises to their birthplace Queensbridge.

Spurred by rejection, KRS-One made South Bronx as a counteraction to MC Shan’s The Bridge. MC Shan responded to South Bronx with Kill That Noise whereupon KRS-One answered with The Bridge Is Over. By that time KRS-One had become very popular and was being played in many clubs and radio stations. The beef kept going and KRS-One ‘s popularity increased until this man whose record had been rejected surpassed his rival to become a hip hop legend.

Had MC Shan ignored the first song and focused on putting out more work, things would have worked out in his favor.

A quote from KRS-One on the Hip Hop Beef DVD

MC Shan could have won the battle simply by ignoring me. I’d be nowhere, they’d be no KRS-One.

Ignore the noise and focus on your purpose.

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